Avoid Dehydration during the heatwave.


Dehydration happens for lots of reasons. You’re often dehydrated in the morning when you wake up simply from sleeping for hours (hopefully lots of them!) without fluids. The processes in your body are working hard while you sleep, and even just breathing results in water loss from your body. But the most common causes of dehydration are simply not drinking enough regularly and not drinking enough during or after activity to replace what’s been lost. Continue reading “Avoid Dehydration during the heatwave.”

361° Meraki review by Adam Leadbetter

It was with great excitement that I called in to GottaRun in Oranmore to pick up my pair of 361° shoes. I’ve had my eye on the brand for a little while after seeing a number of professionals wearing them and seeing them discussed over on the Slowtwitch forums. Now, with about 100 miles on them, here is my review of those bright orange Meraki.

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361° Meraki review by Paula Wright

Paula was one of the winners of our 361° competition earlier this year. Paula has kindly provided us with the following review.

I was so excited to receive my 361 degree Meraki runners from Gottarun. First I noticed that the colour is lovely: pink and purple. Second thing I noticed was a very cushioned shoe tongue. It is the most comfortable shoe tongue I’ve seen on running shoes. Also the laces are long enough and they do not slip. I got these shoes when I was training heavily for a marathon. I started therefore use these for short distances only. I found that the cushioning is very good but that the shoes are quite light. These shoes felt a bit stiff at the start so they do need to be used quite a bit before they start to feel softer. As the time has been going on I have used these shoes more and more. I enjoy running with them. I also have noticed that there is no wear yet at the bottom of the shoes even if I have ran now with them over 100k. These shoes will be hard wearing shoes and they will definitely help me to achieve my new goals. I would recommend these for someone who runs high mileage and want a strong running shoe.


Kinvara Rock and Road

It was warm in the week before the Rock and Road half marathon in Kinvara on the 2nd June. So warm that I decided mid run on the Tuesday before to cut the session a couple of miles short. Thankfully it had cooled, a little by race day. It was still humid but not exhaustingly hot. And no wind, which I was informed by some people that had raced the course, can make things unpleasant in parts. Continue reading “Kinvara Rock and Road”

The Gary O’Hanlon Running Clinic

The Goodbody Running Clinic Team (with Gary O’Hanlon)
I knew about the running clinic (organised by Goodbody for IMNDA) a few weeks back and thought I must sign up for that but as usual I was left the day before the clinic not registered and no babysitter.
The morning of the clinic I decided to do things in reverse, I signed up for the event before getting a sitter organised. Fortunately I managed to get sorted.
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